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JusticeWorks received the following message:

I am writing to tell you that yesterday I was at a team school meeting for *Sammy. The report from her teacher was so positive! Her academics, her work ethic at school, her grades, and attendance have drastically improved since the in-home service has been in place. As you know, the Family Resource Specialist is Jamie Schwartzbeck. The progress and improvement were incremental and laborious at times. Jamie has been so positive, consistent, and encouraging with Sammy’s whole family! I cannot stress enough that the in-home service is what has made all the difference in this young girls’ life, and for her family as well.

I am so appreciative of the service and wanted to let you know that. I am sharing this with our Director and Director of Social Services.

Thank you,

RoseMarie Urban

Lebanon County Children & Youth Svcs.

Thank you, RoseMarie, for acknowledging our in-home services and Supervisor, Jamie Schwartzbeck (who played the dual role of Family Resource Specialist!). Many thanks to you Jamie, for making a difference in this youth’s life – a job well done!