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 Email received from an Indiana County CYS Caseworker, Tara Lieb:

“Good morning!  I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job Erica Wier and Mylea Caldwell-Parker did yesterday at the FGDM.  There were 20 people present plus five or six participating via conference call.  All were able to conduct the meeting without any problems. They were professional and the meeting was successful.  We were able to drop the emergency custody of the child and place him back with his family.  Also, Erica and Mylea did an awesome job contacting the family on such short notice.  Carey Sabo and I wanted to share with you how happy we were with their work.”

Thank you, Tara Lieb, for the kind email acknowledging the excellent teamwork of our staff.  Thank you, Mylea and Erica, for exceptional performance with the coordination and facilitation of the FGDM conference!