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You may not have known Rachael Johnston, but what she has accomplished at JusticeWorks exemplified our mission and values.  Her dedication was an inspiration for us all.   It is with a grievous heart that we must say goodbye.

 Tragically, we lost a member of our JusticeWorks family, Rachel Johnston, of our Westmoreland County branch.  She passed from a previously undiagnosed medical condition.  Amber Stewart, Westmoreland Program Director, shares her remembrance of Rachael:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this email….

Rachael Johnston suddenly passed away on Thursday, Feb. 20. 2020.  She was a Family Resource Specialist with JusticeWorks YouthCare in Westmoreland County for over four years. She was awarded ‘Employee of the Month’ on several occasions over the years.  She was always stating the famous quote that she lived by, “An attitude of ‘whatever is convenient’ will not accomplish much.  An attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ is impossible to stop.”

Rachael was devoted, persistent, and a person of passion. She was someone who displayed honor and integrity in all aspects of her life and work. Rachael would be in the office late at night and early in the morning, catching up on her detailed dictation for her case notes. She made an impact on all she worked with and those that had interactions with her. Rachael was often referenced in court for her knowledge of cases presented and her factual testimonies. Rachael loved her family and her Jeep. She will be missed by all who knew her and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

As you can imagine, our Westmoreland team is grief-stricken.  They have already mobilized though, to assure that Rachael’s families will be cared for as she cared for them.   What a great honor to Rachael’s memory!

This is a sad time for us all and reminds us of how precious, and fragile life is.

Rachael was an inspiration to all of us.  She exemplified JusticeWorks’  “Whatever It Takes” philosophy. Rachael was a motivation to all of us and a beacon of hope to all the families she served!  Rest in Peace!