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(Letter received from a Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth Caseworker):

I just want to take a minute to commend JWYC staff, Rachel Diez and Karen Schubert for their exceptional work on a case!!

Their efforts are the key reason why I love working with your agency. Karen’s devotion to helping Steve* step into the parenting role and her amazing support to Andrew* has really had a positive impact on Steve* and Andrew’s* relationship. Also, the way Karen has supported Tammy*, Eddie*, and Sandy* is beyond commendable! I appreciate the countless hours Karen has put in and the numerous roles she’s played in this reunification process.

Additionally, I’m extremely thankful to Rachel Diez for her regular guidance and support to Tammy*, Steve*, and Andrew* both during and outside of visits. This family came with some challenges that may have been intimidating to others, especially with Andrew* and Steve’s* strained relationship. But Rachel provided exceptional services that I believe allowed this transition to run smoothly.

Again I want to thank you all for everything you’ve done. You guys really made the difference!!

Kimberleigh Burgess

Caseworker II, CPS Ongoing

Lehigh County Office of Children & Youth Services

Thank you, Ms. Burgess, for the kind words regarding our staff, and thank you to Karen and Rachel for partnering with this family to achieve such astounding accomplishments leading to successful reintegration.     *(Names have been changed).