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Our Eastern Regional Director, Renee Kresge, is known for her commitment to the JusticeWorks mission and her ability to forge positive stakeholder relationships. Renee is involved in multiple family engagement projects locally, statewide, and nationally. It comes to no surprise that she was appointed by Adelaide Grace, the Director of Monroe County Children and Youth, to be part of the county’s multidisciplinary team for the Governor’s Institute.  The team’s assignment is to support the creation of a ‘Plan of Safe Care’ for the families of Monroe County.

The Governor’s Institute is a regional work session for county planning teams responsible for the safe care of infants affected by prenatal substance exposure (including alcohol), and their families. The Governor’s Institute is designed to engage and support county planning teams as they develop, implement and monitor Plans of Safe Care.

Congratulations Renee!  The families of Monroe County are in good hands!

For more information on the Governor’s Institute on Plans of Safe Care, please click here: http://keepkidssafe.pa.gov/resources/PlansSafeCare/index.htm