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Front row (left to right): FRS Iesha Santos, Supervisor Tom Bilinski, President & CEO Dan Heit, Director Rebecca Bieber, Supervisor Trish Beltz

Back row (left to right): Director Dipesh Chauhan, CCAP Deputy Director Brinda Penyak, FRS Shannon Rhodes, JDCAP Executive Director Wayne Bear, Regional Director Jeff Ralph, Juvenile Probation Officer Justin Clay



The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) is the voice of Pennsylvania counties. CCAP provides county leaders with information and guidance related to legislation, education, media, insurance, technology, and many other issues that help create and maintain vital services for residents throughout the state.

CCAP supports county leadership that is responsive to the needs and circumstances of citizens.  Every year, CCAP honors outstanding criminal and juvenile justice efforts through award recognition for being innovative pioneers in meeting the challenges facing all county jails and juvenile justice providers.  JusticeWorks is pleased to announce that CCAP recently bestowed the 2019 Juvenile Alternatives Program Award to Berks County for our JusticeWorks YouthCare Reintegration Program.

The Reintegration program was developed to provide the “missing link” in intensive long-term treatment and residential programs. The program begins while the youth are detained, continues throughout the placement, and their transition into the community.  Reintegration requires collaboration between the out-of-home placement facility, stakeholders, families, and the community to ensure delivery of services and supervision. It also involves partnerships with other child-serving agencies and community supports to expand the capacity of youth services.

Our innovative programming has generated numerous success stories. JusticeWorks YouthCare takes seriously its responsibility to be an accountable and high-quality provider of services. We are committed to evaluating the outcomes of our work, which then guides the evolution of our programs. While we are proud of the outstanding results we’ve achieved, we never stop trying to improve our programs.

We are honored to be recognized for our Reintegration program and delighted to receive this award. Many thanks to our Berks County Team for their outstanding commitment to JusticeWorks’ mission and values.