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(Letter received from a foster parent praising Family Resource Specialist, Staci Barnes of Schuylkill County)


          Staci encouraged me to reach out to you to tell you our thoughts on Justice Works. So, I just want to start off by saying I am really impressed. The support that was offered to the birth parents AND the foster parents was amazing. I felt I had a voice for once. Staci listened to my thoughts and was very encouraging to me.

          We had received a call from a child-serving organization regarding a preemie baby girl who was on track to go home within 3 months. It was hard trying not to get attached as we (foster parents) didn’t want our hearts to break when she left. Staci contacted us for visits and was willing to work with our schedule and at our convenience which I can say NEVER happens!! For that we were super appreciative.

          We formed a relationship with the birth parents of whom spoke very highly of Staci and the support of JusticeWorks.  The birth mother praised Staci multiple times.

          One night in May after a visit, the birth mother asked me to call her for she had something important to discuss with me. That night forever changed our lives as the birth mother asked if we would adopt the baby. If someone had asked me if I thought this would’ve happened I would have sarcastically said in my dreams! However the birth mother explained that she and her husband talked with Staci multiple times over the course of the last few months about how they weren’t prepared for a baby and that due to mental health and past trauma that raising a child in those conditions wasn’t exactly the wisest thing. Both parents love their daughter so incredibly much, and their loss is not lost on me. With Staci’s encouragement we are hopefully planning to keep the birth parents in the child’s life forever by allowing visits and contact as long as it’s a healthy relationship.

          Staci was always so nice and encouraging to me. I’ve never had caseworkers or visit personnel tell us that were doing a good job….it’s unheard of. Staci’s encouragement was like a breath of fresh air. It literally changed the way we parented because sometimes we felt that we were only seen as glorified babysitters. We really put our whole heart and soul and every breath into these children and making them better people and trying to bring out their potential. It’s nice to see a place that is not focused on a certain type of people but of bringing everyone together to try to work together. At least that’s the way I felt about it and sensed. Staci didn’t try to divide the relationship between the birth parents and us. She tried to strengthen it, and I firmly believe that if it had not been for Staci we would not be looking at an adoption for the baby within a short couple of months!!!! I know not every story is a success one like this but I just want to personally thank JusticeWorks for being a company that plays a part in helping others no matter the situation.

 Thank you!!

The Seymour’s* (Pseudonym)

 Thank you for sharing your story!  We are pleased to hear about the successful relationship between you and the birth family.  All the best to you and the newest addition to your family!