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Judges table: Dan Heit, Robert McGee, and Angel Ramos

Winners: 3rd place- Samantha Gerdeman, 2nd place – Kaitlyn Miller, 1st place – Vince Troutman.

While the rest of Pennsylvania enjoys the frigid temperatures of March, the Schuylkill County team opted to warm things up.  On  March 18th, JusticeWorks Schuylkill hosted their first annual Chili Cookoff!  Dan Heit, our President & CEO, surprised the staff as a celebrity judge!  Ten delicious pots of chili were entered and faced off against each other in a bracket-style match-up.  Our 2019 winner was Vince Troutman.  Congrats Vince!  We are confident that you will have hungry competitors from other counties who will want to participate next year!

JusticeWorks has always had a passion for supporting its staff.  Our staff engagement strategies have produced a culture of team spirit and accomplishment. We are proud that our environment let’s staff feel a part of something greater than themselves and leads to emotional gratification in their work.  Research shows that staff with high job satisfaction produce positive outcomes.