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 JusticeWorks-Lycoming will now provide Behavioral Support Services in the South Williamsport School District.  The Behavioral Support Program is an extension of services currently offered by JusticeWorks in the South Williamsport School District and will commence at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

Over the past three years, JWYC’s Alternative Education Program, Compass Academy-Lycoming has been in partnership with South Williamsport Area School District and have provided educational and academic support to students with various behavioral challenges. As a result of our collaboration, students have demonstrated significant academic and behavioral progress.  Due to the success of the alternative education program, South Williamsport School District approached JusticeWorks with a need for behavioral support services within two of the district’s elementary schools.

In May, Regional Director, Jeffrey Ralph, Director of Program Development, Dipesh Chauhan, and Director, Ian Nutt met with Dr. Mark Stamm, Superintendent of the South Williamsport School District, to discuss the potential for JusticeWorks to expand current services offered by JWYC.  After further discussion and additional meetings, Jeff, Dipesh, and Ian identified the needs of the district and created a Behavioral Support Services proposal that was ultimately approved by South Williamsport School District on 7/16/18!

Julie Waldman will join the JusticeWorks team as the Behavioral Analyst for the Behavioral Support Program. Julie will be engaging the youth and families through home visits, individual and group sessions, school meetings, and various forms of behavioral intervention at school.

JusticeWorks is very excited to have the opportunity to expand our partnership with the South Williamsport Area School District and look forward to another successful school year!