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Vince Troutman


Schuylkill County staff member, Vincent “Vince” Troutman, is being recognized by JWYC for his bravery and heroism after rescuing a woman who had been held hostage and physically assaulted for several weeks by an unknown male assailant.

While out in the field, Vince noticed a man dragging a female across the street by her hair and immediately pulled his car over and dialed 911. Although dispatchers encouraged Vince to remain engaged at a distance, the woman was clearly in danger and Vince was unable to watch this physical assault unfold. As an attempt to de-escalate the situation until police arrived, Vince got out of his vehicle and began to call out to the man. As Vince approached, the man panicked and fled the scene. Bruised and shaken up, the woman informed the police that she had been tied up, assaulted, and held hostage for several weeks in the man’s home prior to her escape. The man was later apprehended by police several blocks from the crime scene.

Thank you, Vince, for your bravery and for doing ‘Whatever It Takes’ in all situations by placing your own safety on the line to rescue someone else in dire need of help! Your contributions to the JWYC mission and the community are appreciated.