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Adams County Appreciation
(An email received from the Children & Youth Services Administrator of Adams County.)

Hi Renee,

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you what an absolutely fantastic job Sean and his staff are doing in Adams County. We have had so many new initiatives and changes at our Agency over the past year or so, and your staff have really embraced it and we truly consider JusticeWorks to be part of our Adams County CYS family . They are at the Agency daily and their response times are remarkable- it so exciting that we have a provider that is so flexible and willing to adjust to meet our needs. The Family Engagement Initiative, in particular, has been very successful because Sean was part of it- we are seen as trend setters across the state, and other counties want to mirror what is happening here in Adams County- the FEI has been a really exciting and even fun project because of our amazing FEI oversight team.

Sean is a strong leader and I wanted to take a moment and recognize that. I am not sure that he has shared with you- but in addition to presenting at our PCYA meeting in two weeks, he is also our Act 33 coordinator and, as of yesterday, he is the vice president of the Adams County CYS Advisory Board.

We feel really blessed to have JusticeWorks in our county- thank you!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Sarah A. Finkey
Adams County Children & Youth Services

When Dan Heit asked Director Finkey if we could publish her kind comments, she agreed and added “Thank you for bringing JusticeWorks to Adams County- we are a better community because of it.”

We know that our good work depends on a robust positive partnership with county agencies, clearly we have that spectacularly in Adams County. Children and families are the beneficiaries of that great working partnership.