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(Email sent from Judge George of Adams County)

Over the last two days, there were a number of folks who spend time at the Statewide Family Group Decision Making conference coupled with a ½ day meeting concerning the Family Engagement Initiative. I want to do a “shout out” for the Adams County CYF team (Sara, Melissa T., and Morgan) and Ellen Miller, Supervisor, from JusticeWorks YouthCare. It was pretty impressive to note that Adams County provided more presenters during the work sessions than any other of the 67 counties across the state; each did a great job. It was even more impressive, and humbling, to listen to state-wide leadership in child welfare repeatedly and consistently reference the tremendous things happening in Adams County. Those things are happening only because of the efforts of each and all of you. Regardless your role, it is critical to our success and the success of the mission with which we have been trusted. As you may discover someday, the older in life one gets, the harder it is to find heroes. Listening to the repeated compliments aimed at Adams County made me reflect on and realize just how much each of you are heroes. You are leading by performance and, as a result, making the lives of others better. Importantly, people are noticing as your efforts are “raising the bar” statewide for the great benefit of our families and communities. All growth begins with a seed and whether you like it or not, you are blessed and tasked with being that seed. I am extremely proud of what you are doing. Please keep up the great work and thank you!

From: Judge George
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 11:39 AM

(Many thanks to Judge George of Adams County for the heartfelt words and praise. Thank you, to the Adams County CYF team and Ellen Miller, JWYC Supervisor, for the excellent collaborative efforts to convey what our employees do on a daily basis to assist children and families).