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A partnership between the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators Organization, and the University of Pittsburgh’s Child Resource Center has resulted in the development of the Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board (YAB). This unique board is comprised of current and former substitute care youth ages 16-21 with a mission to educate, advocate, and form partnerships to create positive change in the substitute care system. Youth leaders work with child-serving agencies and communities, of which JusticeWorks YouthCare has had the pleasure to participate in, to make the world a better place!

After an extended period of hard work and dedication from the University of Pittsburgh’s Child Resource Center, Independent Living Coordinators, YAB members, and countless other individuals, the YAB quarterly newsletter (YAB Blast Winter Edition 2018) is finally complete! Thank you to Lisa Snyder and the JWYC Indiana County Independent Living team, Lindsey Jones, Russel Lambing Jr., and Justin Smyers, for their participation and dedication on this project. Please click here to view the YAB Winter Edition. Stay tuned for the YAB Blast Spring Edition 2018!

I am always proud of our IL team; but this is really great!! -Thanks, Sarah

Sarah P. Ross, Esq.
Indiana County Children & Youth Services

Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board Photo 1

Left to Right- Leila, Phyllis, and Jessyca passing out hot chocolate and spreading the word of how folks in Indiana County can get involved with our IL program.


Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board Photo 2

Bottom Row, Left to Right- Jessyca, Phyllis, and Kendra. Top Row, Left to Right- Meghan, Leila, Tyler, and Teddy. Youth pose with the check presented to the Children’s Advisory Commission of Indiana County from the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The CFA donation will be used to support the CAC’s family events: Family Fun Fest, Bump, baby, and Beyond, Family Nature Palooza, and Day of Play. YAB members are an integral part of the volunteer base that helps with these events.


Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board Photo 3

Left to Right- Lailonie, Tyler, Jessyca, Isabella, and Phyllis. Youth pose with their certificates they earned for volunteering at Indiana County’s Day of Play Event.

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