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Tiffany NulphFamily Resource Specialist (FRS), Tiffany Nulph, of York County embarked on a two-year journey when assigned to work on a youth referral to assist *Debra in achieving her academic goals, securing a permanent home, and ultimately system discharge.   The journey has not been easy as there were roadblocks along the way.  As with many children in the child welfare and/or juvenile justice systems, Debra had been placed in various foster care homes due to her mother’s inability to care for her, and her father’s incarceration.  Despite a rocky start, Debra began to show academic promise, was placed with a foster family that loved her and ultimately adopted her, and was accepted to a private school with no cost to the foster family.  All of these achievements would not have been possible without the diligent work of Tiffany Nulph, who went above and beyond what was asked of her to assist this young lady in achieving her dreams.  This is a shining example of JWYC making a difference in young lives.

We thank you, Tiffany, for being an exemplary employee of JusticeWorks YouthCare.  Your diligence and determination in assisting this young lady are extraordinary and we are proud to have you on the JWYC team!

*Name has been changed for privacy.