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marci-longMarci Long exemplifies the professionalism and whatever it takes’ ethic that JusticeWorks is known for. Following her assignment to a young man for VIP services, Marci went above and beyond in ensuring that this young man was offered every opportunity in the community for restorative justice.

She worked late hours into the evening doing community service with the young man, gleaning vegetables for The South Central Community Action Program organization. If you’ve never gleaned, it is not easy!  The client’s mother was initially frustrated with the inclusion of probation and services however due to Marci’s professionalism and goal oriented approach, mom provided glowing feedback of Marci stating:

“I just wanted to thank Marci for everything she did for my son. Thank you for taking him on such short notice. He has definitely grown into a more responsible young man after all this. I am not happy with what he did, but it happened and I am thankful that we were blessed with having you and his probation officer as his support. It’s greatly appreciated! You are definitely great at what you do! Thanks again and take care!”

Thank you Marci!

Marci, your dedication to the families we serve is amazing! You represent not only the “Whatever it takes” motto of JusticeWorks YouthCare but also the Juvenile Justice System’s belief in youth redemption through personal growth and competency development.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful success.