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Sean Lazarus

In 2012, Stanley was a 14yo male living with his parents and younger sister in rural York County.  Stanley was on probation.  While on probation, Stanley began to display a serious decline in school engagement.  He was referred to the VIP® program.  His worker was Sean Lazarus.  Though initially guarded, Sean regularly worked with Stanley in developing self-esteem, communication and pro-social skills. Sean provided Stanley with a school planner and assisted him in organizing his academics. He worked on strengthening the communication between the family and the school by scheduling regular meetings to discuss Stanley’s performance. By utilizing on-line tutoring programs, improving organizational skills and empowering his parents to become more involved in their son’s school involvement, Stanley was able to improve his grades.  In addition, Sean connected Stanley to the local library to satisfy the community service requirements. Stanley not only completed his required hours but continued to volunteer following his term on probation, citing his enjoyment of reading and providing landscaping work for the building. Towards the end of services, Sean sought to nourish Stanley’s hobby of art/drawing by involving him in York City’s downtown art organization. Stanley both attended workshops and volunteered for events. This elevated both his self-esteem as well as his cultural awareness.

In the fall of 2016, Stanley contacted Sean out of the blue. He thanked him and JWYC for their help during his troubled time and cited his continued support and help in assisting him become engaged in his education while providing services. Stanley reports that he graduated on time and is currently away at a technical school in Eastern Pennsylvania studying mechanical engineering.

Stanley, JusticeWorks is PROUD of the man you are turning into.  We look forward to hearing about your future success.  Best of luck to you in school.  Sean, your dedication and whatever it takes attitude has made an amazing impact to the communities you serve.  We thank you for your hard work and perseverance.