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Letter from a Berks County CYS Case Manager:

Good Afternoon,

Hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that I was in contact with the father (of one of our mutual clients) today because he voiced to Zach (JWYC employee) that he didn’t want the case closed. When I talked to the father he informed me how comfortable his family felt with Zach and that they noticed a changed in the older son, ‘Max’ since Zach has been working with the family. They asked me if Zach could continue working with the family for a little longer. I had to gently explain to them that although I loved that they were able to develop a great rapport with the provider I would still have to close out the case due to there being no concerns with child abuse and/or neglect. The family understood. Every now and then it is nice to hear the good things and how much of an influence you can make on a family. Even if it was a short time working with the family they obviously had a good experience, its clients like that that keeps you motivated.

Thank you for your awesome work Zach, it was nice working with you. Hopefully I can meet you one day so that I can put your face to your name.

Minerva F. Ruiz-Ocasio, MSW
Caseworker II, In-Home Services
Children and Youth Services, County of Berks
633 Court Street, 11th Floor, Reading, PA 19601

Thank you Minerva for your feedback regarding our Berks County Family Resource Specialist, Zachary Robinson. Thank you Zach for your ability to connect with families, and assisting this family in reaching their goals.

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