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JusticeWorks began working with the Bates family in August of 2013. The primary concern was substance abuse and subsequently, the children were placed in kinship care. The parents independently registered themselves in a Methadone clinic in Baltimore, Maryland to assist with their sobriety. The Bates struggled to obtain employment and lacked transportation to and from the methadone clinic. JusticeWorks assisted with job searching, transportation and access to community resources for food and utility assistance. Beginning in April 2014, this couple began showing tremendous strides as they found and maintained employment and housing, while remaining sober. The Bates maintained the majority of their supervised and unsupervised visits with their children. Despite the barriers they experienced, the Bates maintained a strong bond with their children. Their Family Resource Specialist, Shayla Woodard was able to assist with weekly transportation to and from the methadone clinic in Maryland and assisted with implementing individual outpatient therapy at a local mental health clinic.

In December 2014, Mrs. Bates celebrated one year of sobriety and began having overnight and weekend visits with her children at home. In February of 2015, Mr. Bates successfully completed the methadone program. In March 2015, a petition was granted for the children to successfully transition back to their home with legal and physical custody given back to the mother. The parents continue to maintain employment, housing and sobriety as JusticeWorks continues to work diligently to ensure a smooth transition for the children back home.

Congrats to the Bates family for overcoming their challenges in life. All the best in your recovery and future goals. Great work Shayla for going above and beyond to help this family successfully reunify.