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Diane’s probation officer had this to say about her progress:

Sean, (JusticeWorks Supervisor)

Diane’s case was, well, unique! Things started out very poor, with very little cooperation from the client. She was missing class regularly, and was failing the majority of her classes. Home life was very poor, with little to no supervision or accountability from Mom. Early in her supervision, she received new charges stemming from an incident that she was involved in all because she skipped school. She was also failing drug tests, and at one point, it looked as though we were going to have to violate her and take her to court.

Then, with the help of JusticeWorks, we were able to get her back on track. She started demonstrating a very positive work ethic, both in the classroom, and with Tiff (FRS worker). As her attendance improved, her grades started to sky-rocket, and she was able to see the connection! She completed all of her court obligations and was successfully discharged from probation on 5/21/14.

Thank you Sean and Tiff for all of the hard work, I greatly appreciate it.


Robert Kreider
York County Probation Services

JusticeWorks congratulates Diane on her accomplishments.  We wish you luck on your future endeavors.  We value the “Whatever It Takes” approach that Sean Lazarus and Tiffany Nulph take with all of the families they support.