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FRS worked with a 17 year old female that was very self conscious with her weight which led to truancy issues. The family was disappointed with the services that they were receiving from the client’s current cyber school. During a six month time frame, FRS worked with the family and assisted them with getting started for the school year with a new cyber school that was going to address the client’s educational needs. Once the school issue was addressed, FRS worked on boosting Lindsay’s self esteem by getting her out of the home on regular basis. FRS linked Lindsay to a local gym where she started her own fitness program, working on her weight loss and addressing her Diabetes. The client was diagnosed with Diabetes II at a very young age and was struggling with her diet to address her Diabetes. FRS and Lindsay worked together on creating a diet plan which she followed on a regular basis, and at her recent appointment, Lindsay’s sugar levels had dropped dramatically. By the end of services, the client had obtained her learners permit, was going out  regularly, and was working towards finding employment. Lindsay had participated in an interview and was offered the job, but had to decline due to her class schedule. The client expressed at the time of discharge that she was very happy with how FRS worked with boosting her self confidence and made her feel that she can be successful because of the job opportunity that she was offered. FRS linked Lindsay to a GED program that she was scheduled to start in September of 2012 and presented to CYF her educational plan which satisfied the county and would eliminate the truancy issue. FRS provided services for six months and when FRS discharged the county closed out their case successfully one month following FRS’s discharge.

Our deep appreciation to York staff Ellen Miller for her continued hard work and achievements.