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FRS received nickname the “It Girl”……. And carried on the “Whatever it takes motto!”

A family was moved from an unfit residence in Harrisburg, to a fabulous FISH home in York County. The family moved into their new residence in mid-February with the thought that the 16 year old client, Sarah, was going to be reunified after 3 years of being in foster care. Sarah ran two weeks prior to the family’s court hearing where recommendations were that client be released to mom’s care. The judge was not satisfied with just returning Sarah home, so the FRS, CYF and the family put a plan in place to get a therapeutic in-home team in place, individual trauma counseling and a referral for the client to attend the weekend alterative program. After this plan was presented to the judge the client was released to her mother. The FRS then worked with the family to get these services in place as quickly as possible. FRS worked with the mother to get intake appointments set up, completed and then they waited for start dates. In the meantime, the family’s transportation was not functioning and the FRS worked constantly with the family to getting the vehicle up and running. In as short as three months, all services were in place for Sarah, and the transition meeting was held at CYF where FRS laid the foundation for all providers that were going to be assisting the family for the next several months. At this meeting, the mother referred to the FRS as her “It girl” because whatever the task was or whatever she needed, the FRS was the first to step up to the plate and assist her. The mother was happy that JWYC was there to assist with the reunification of Sarah with her family.

Our deep appreciation to York staff Ellen Miller for her continued hard work and achievements.