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Sammy was a “high interest” case when referred. He had been adjudicated at the age of fifteen for a severe offense committed at age 13 (subsequent to an altercation and attack by a sibling’s friend).  At the time of referral, Sammy was in a locked State Institution.

During weekly visits at his placement, JusticeWorks’ Family Resource Specialist Sean Lazarus developed a good relationship with the young man.  Sammy’s family had largely abandoned him and had limited contact with him.  Sean became his main support and contact to the greater community.   During his placement stay, Sammy maintained a positive attitude and as he neared a release date, he wanted to apply to colleges.   Sean assisted him in choosing schools, visiting campuses and making applications for enrollment and financial aid.

When he was discharged from placement, Sean continued to assist Sammy maintain positive behavior in the community.  With Sean’s assistance, Sammy was able to obtain (and keep!) two jobs  Currently Sammy is a full time manager and has a second job which means he works more than 50 hours a week.

Sammy successfully completed his first year of community college. Due to Sammy’s completion of an Independent Living program, consistent hard work and academic success, he will be fully released from court supervision in a few months.  Sean helped Sammy find and apartment and continues to be his aftercare resource.

After a recent court hearing, Judge John C. Uhler invited Sammy and Sean into his chambers where he congratulated them on Sammy’s accomplishments