Christina was referred to JWYC due to habitually running away. The event leading up to both CYS and JWYC involvement was a physical altercation between her mother, her boyfriend and her. Client’s boyfriend physically struck her younger sister while engaging in a verbal argument with her. Client and her boyfriend then left the house.

Client’s mother contacted the police and reported her as a runaway. Upon return to the house client and her mother became involved in a physical altercation. Client was taken into 24 hour protective custody as both her and her mother refused her to stay the night. With JWYC involvement, client and her mother agreed at court to cooperate with services and client was released home.

In addition to issues pertaining to communication, running away, and parenting skills, client was also three months pregnant. Client had many positive attributes including a healthy relationship with the baby’s father, straight A schooling, and good work ethic (she being a CNA). JWYC assisted the family in conducting weekly meetings where they could discuss their feelings in a healthy way, learn appropriate communication skills and spend family time together.

Client was assisted in being transported to her weekly doctor appointments. Client’s mother was also assisted in finding and utilizing community resources such as the food bank, Salvation Army and applying for cash assistance. Several times this worker responded to crisis situations at the house. One instance involved client alleging her mother striking her in the face and leaving her at the Galleria Mall at night. This worker picked her up and brought her home.

Upon arrival at home client’s belongings were on the front porch. This worker de-escalated her mother and spent a few hours coming up with a safety plan as well as monitoring them as they communicated to each other. Client eventually was allowed back inside and a report was made to CYS. The investigation was unfounded. Client went on to find an apartment, retain her job as a CNA, have a healthy baby and graduate on the honor roll.