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JusticeWorks developed the JustCare® program in 1999 with the goal of reducing the length of stay for children and youth in residential placements (Juvenile Justice or Child Welfare) and to ensure successful outcomes when they return to the community.

JustCare® provides individualized care management services to achieve these goals. JustCare® has consistently demonstrated its ability to decrease length of stay in out-of-home placements and to substantially reduce recidivism. Thus, a tremendous savings of public spending is achieved along with improvements to public safety. Most importantly, youth are positively redirected from a trajectory of recurrent institutionalization.

JustCare® ensures that gains made in placement endure at home by working on the transition plan throughout the residential stay. We ensure that aftercare is not an afterthought. Continuing care planning begins at the beginning of the residential stay, not at the end.

The focus is on improving relational and behavioral problems in the family system. JusticeWorks’ staff helps families understand what their children are going through during their placement, demystifying placement language and coordinating visits and home-passes. Staff work to help families resolve other issues in the home (such as substance abuse, job or economic problems, mental health concerns, housing, etc.) that can serve as obstacles for the youth’s successful re-entry. Understanding the relief a family may experience when a child is in placement, staff builds on the family’s strengths so they feel more confident in their parenting roles when the child returns home. Special attention is paid to helping parents create boundaries and avoid power struggles.

Collaboration from family members and other stakeholders is critical to assure that a child or youth does not get “lost in the system” and has the best chance for continuing success. Well before the child‘s returning home, staff work with a multidisciplinary team to develop a comprehensive reintegration plan. The reintegration plan is cognizant of family strengths and community resources. Key areas for change and the ‘triggers’ for negative behavior are identified. For several months after a youth’s return, our staff provide proactive and vigilant support and supervision. Staff work non-traditional hours, with an emphasis on being in the home, school and community to give real-time support and guidance where it is needed.


JustCare® offers the following programs:

  1. Community reintegration program (typically 3-6 months)
  2. Reunification program – services start from the date of placement and continue throughout the episode of care through transition to home
  3. Step-down program from STOPP® & VIP®

These programs can be provided at one of two levels; standard (up to 2 hours per week) or intensive (4 or more hours per week)

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JustCare® is currently available in the following states:

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JusticeWorks has continuously sought to enhance our skills. To that end, we have incorporated into our service array evidence-based and research-informed programming to achieve the best outcomes for the youth and families in our care. These services can be offered as ‘stand-alone’ services or as enhancements to our own signature services.


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