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Alternative Education

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JusticeWorks YouthCare operates Compass Academies which are approved Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth Programs (AEDY).

Compass Academy LogoCompass Academy provides alternative education programming for youth that is designed to develop skills which control behavior, enhance academic performance, increase school attendance, reduce drop-out, and increase graduation rates. Compass Academy is a resource for students who have been suspended or expelled from school for a variety of behavioral problems. Students are provided with small group instruction in a structured environment with teachers that emphasize a differentiated approach to teaching while also addressing issues related to behavioral and anger management, building self-esteem, and improving motivation to learn and to gain skills for successful living.

Compass Academy’s academic program and services are congruent with Pennsylvania academic standards. Students enrolled in Compass Academy earn credits from their sending school. Students may stay at Compass for one marking period or longer and return to their home school. In some instances, students matriculate at Compass to graduation but their diploma is issued from their home school. Our Compass Academies contract with several school districts in Pennsylvania and are always open to additional partnerships, or new locations.

Commitment to Success

Compass Academy is committed to providing a safe and highly structured educational setting which enriches a student’s academic performance. Our staff work with the student’s family to increase their engagement in the change process and to sustain gains in positive behavior.  Family members participate in planning teams and learn how to teach their children the importance of school expectations at home and in the community.  Parents often volunteer at school activities including school celebrations and assist public relations and developing community supports for internships, recreational opportunities and jobs.

Services are individualized to meet each student’s needs and are articulated in a treatment plan with specific measurable goals and objectives. We find a way to succeed with troubled youth who have made a career of failure. We combine behavior management techniques along with creative education approaches to produce better outcomes for students. Our efforts are guided by the following principles:

  • We work in partnership with public systems to cost-effectively teach students and invite feedback to continually improve our efforts.
  • We emphasize the four core subject areas of academics and life skills programming to enhance independence and self-worth.
  • We offer solution-focused group counseling that outlines strategies for managing peer pressure, resolving conflict, increasing motivation, and improving self-respect.
  • We respond quickly and professionally to referrals.
  • We operate under the highest professional standards and adhere to state-of-the-art quality assurance practices.
  • We provide innovative education and skill development programs to prepare youth to be employable and succeed in their communities.
  • We routinely assess outcomes and use the results to refine our programs.
Our Approach to Services

JusticeWorks believes that all students have dignity, worth and the ability to learn. Our programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of the school district by providing a program for their students who need more assistance to be successful. We hire staff with the best credentials and experience to meet the needs of the youth we serve. Classroom instruction is provided by a certified teacher and assisted by a Personal Development Coach.

Our services work with students who:

  • Are at-risk of dropping out of school or have already done so
  • Experience behavioral or emotional difficulties
  • Are expelled or suspended from school
  • Are In need of family counseling and support
  • Are returning to the community from residential treatment or placement
  • Are habitually truant from school
  • Are in conflict with school officials, including persistent violation of school policies and rules

The curriculum is aligned with the school district’s curriculum with core courses taught as well as a Life Skill group.  The academic plan is identified in each student’s Academic/Emotional Growth plan with measurable goals.  Each of the goal areas are measured on a daily behavioral sheet as a way to continuously assess a student’s performance.  As progress is made, a plan for the student’s return to his or her community school is mapped out. Compass Academy has ongoing communication with each youth’s school district and family throughout the course of the program.

Behavioral Focus

At Compass Academy students are given a variety of assessments to help determine functioning levels and behavioral needs.  A positive behavioral approach is used which has been proven to increase likelihood of success.  The school also integrates the PBIS system to support adherence to the school rules and routines.

The behavioral system includes:

  • Direct instruction/counseling
  • Social skills instruction
  • Statement of student expectations
  • Focus on positive student interactions
  • Highly positive reinforcement schedule
  • Behavior Management Plan with a point system

Additionally, based on need the program implements the following:

  • Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA).
  • Group counseling sessions (Anger Management, Social Skills, Conflict Resolution, etc.)
  • Goal setting and monitoring meetings
  • Educators to help students reach their maximum potential in the classroom environment
  • Linkage to community supports and services
  • The WhyTry curriculum to reduce school violence and lower dropout rates
Community Partnership

Compass Academy strives to instill the importance of community involvement and good citizenship with all of our students. We feel that often students placed in alternative schools are falsely labeled as “bad kids” and they have nothing positive to offer the communities in which they reside.  Compass Academy works closely with local businesses, neighbors and community organizations to expose students to a variety of resources and provide volunteer and work opportunities.

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Lycoming County Office

Compass Academy
1650 Sheridan Street
Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone: (570) 567-4114



Northumberland County Office

Compass Academy
30 W. Third Street
Mt. Carmel, PA 17851

Phone: (570) 339-3100



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