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JusticeWorks knows that quality services are entirely dependent on a quality staff supported and guided by committed managers.

Our senior management team has a tremendous skill set and experience. Most importantly, they ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to doing whatever it takes to help youth and families succeed.

We’re hiring!

JusticeWorks is a growing company and we are constantly expanding our current programs and adding new locations.

Senior Management

Dan Heit

Dan Heit, MA
JusticeWorks’ Founder & President

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Dipesh Chauhan

Dipesh Chauhan, MA
Director of Program Development

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Errone Cody

Errone Cody, MSP
Regional Director of Western Pennsylvania

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Matt Davin

Matt Davin, CPA, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

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Renee Kresge

Renee Kresge
Regional Director of Northeast Pennsylvania

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Jeff Ralph

Jeff Ralph, MS
Regional Director of Southeast Pennsylvania

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Annette Trunzo

Annette Trunzo, PhD, LCSW
Director of Evaluation and Quality Assurance

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JusticeWorks YouthCare Management

Rebecca Bieber

Rebecca Bieber, LSW
Program Director of Berks County, Pennsylvania

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Jaclyn Conklin

Jaclyn Conklin
Program Director of Chester & Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania

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Doug Conroy

Doug Conroy
Program Director of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

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Theresa Fonalledas

Theresa Fonalledas
Program Director of Pike County, Pennsylvania

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Samantha Gerdeman

Samantha Gerdeman
Program Director of Schuylkill, Pennsylvania

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Nicole Hall

Nicole Hall, LCSW
Program Director of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

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Bob Herrod

Bob Herrod
Director of Finance

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Kristen Irizarry

Kristen Irizarry
Program Director of Lehigh & Northampton Counties, Pennsylvania

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Ty Kanouff
Educational Director of Compass Academy

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Emily Knauer
Program Director of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

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Matt Kurowsky

Matt Kurowsky
Program Director of Washington County, Pennsylvania

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Sean Lazarus

Sean Lazarus
Program Director of Adams County, Pennsylvania

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Kieshia Martin

Kieshia Martin, LSW
Program Director of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

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Hilary Maugham, MSW

Hilary Maugham, MSW
Program Director of York County, Pennsylvania

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Ian Nutt

Ian Nutt
Program Director of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

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Tony Ross

Tony Ross, M Ed
Program Director of Jefferson & Clarion Counties, Pennsylvania

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Becky Skone

Becky Skone
Director of Corporate Systems

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Steve Snow

Steve Snow
Program Director of Butler County, Pennsylvania

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Lisa Snyder

Lisa Snyder
Program Director of Armstrong, Cambria, and Indiana Counties, Pennsylvania

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Amber Stewart

Amber Stewart
Director of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

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Audrey Williams

Audrey Williams
Director of Compass Academy

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JusticeWorks BehavioralCare Management

Praise Adogla

Praise Adogla, LMSW
Program Supervisor of Florence, South Carolina

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Mary Collier

Mary Collier, BSW, MA, LPC
Regional Program Director of Conway, South Carolina

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Krista Godek

Krista Godek, LISW-CP
Director of Operations
Interim Executive Director

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Brenda Jablan

Brenda Jablan, MS
Director of Training

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Chanta Lawton

Chanta Lawton
Program Supervisor of Columbia, South Carolina

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Caren Stewart

Caren Stewart, LPC
Program Supervisor of Conway, South Carolina

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Patricia Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan, BA
Business Manager
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Derek Toth

Derek Toth, MSW
Program Supervisor of Charleston, South Carolina

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Samantha Waters

Samantha Waters, LPC
Regional Program Director of Columbia, South Carolina

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Sarah Wise

Sarah Wise, LISW-CP
Program Supervisor of Charleston, South Carolina

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About us

JusticeWorks has continuously sought to enhance our skills. To that end, we have incorporated into our service array evidence-based and research-informed programming to achieve the best outcomes for the youth and families in our care. These services can be offered as ‘stand-alone’ services or as enhancements to our own signature services.


JusticeWorks YouthCare
1500 Ardmore Boulevard
Suite 410
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone: (877) 525-JWYC (5992)

JusticeWorks BehavioralCare
4 Carriage Lane
Suite 405
Charleston, SC 29407
Phone: (843) 974-5934

JusticeWorks FL
1591 Robert J Conlan Boulevard
Suite 128
Palm Bay, FL 32905
Phone: (484) 281-3703