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JusticeWorks BehavioralCare Welcomes our new Executive Director!

Krista GodekJusticeWorks BehavioralCare is pleased to announce that Krista Godek, LISW-CP, has been promoted to become our Executive Director in the State of South Carolina!

Krista’s career began in education as a Special Education teacher where her concern for children led her to obtaining a Master’s Degree in Social Work and then becoming a Licensed Practitioner of the Healing Arts. She worked in a variety of educational and treatment environments before joining JusticeWorks BC as a Supervisor in 2014. Her passionate commitment to our work and her skills led to several promotions, the last being our state-wide Director of Operations. She has deepened our commitment to quality service, and helped lead the continuous expansion of staff and services throughout the state.

Krista exemplifies the JusticeWorks philosophy of creating a great place to work, building strong teams, and supporting staff to do their best while assuring accountability and doing ‘whatever it takes’ to achieve positive outcomes.

Congratulations Krista!

Erie County Chooses JusticeWorks to Provide Visit Coaching

Recently we responded to an Erie County CYS RFP to provide Visit Coaching services. We were pleased when our proposal was selected by Erie County as one of the finalists and we were invited to discuss our proposal in person. Our team attending the meeting was Dan Heit, President; Errone Cody, Regional Director; Dipesh Chauhan, Director of Business Development; and Doug Conroy, Allegheny County Visit Coaching Program Director.

We were excited and honored to hear that we have been awarded this important project to help reunite families with their children. We look forward to a positive partnership with the Erie County Office of Children and Youth. JusticeWorks YouthCare will provide Visit Coaching services according to the tenets of the Marty Beyer Model of Visit Coaching which builds family strengths to promote reunification. This service is now being provided by us in several other counties, including Hamilton County, Ohio. read more…

Swish! Schuylkill County Supervisor Coaches Girls’ Basketball

Robert McGee, Schuylkill CountyRobert McGee was one of our first staff in our Schuylkill County branch. As our programs there have expanded rapidly, Robert was promoted to become a Supervisor.

Robert’s commitment to ‘building better futures for youth and community’ extend to his after work activities and he serves as the President of the Mahanoy Area Biddy Basketball Association. He has volunteered his time with this association for over 10 years. The Basketball Association focuses on developing youth’s basketball skills while connecting them with positive role models, having a positive impact on the lives of the Mahanoy City youth, families, and the community.

Robert coaches basketball for Kindergarten and 1st-grade teams. Robert, knowing charity begins at home, was able to secure sponsorship from JusticeWorks for the 5th and 6th-grade girls’ team. The JusticeWorks’ uniform must carry good karma as the team has a 5-1 record! Keep up the great work, girls!

We appreciate and applaud Robert’s involvement in the community.

JusticeWorks YouthCare to Partner with Clarion County

Left to right: Dan Gruver, JWYC Supervisor, Danielle Haines, JWYC Case Specialist Supervisor, Todd Kline, Clarion County Children & Youth Services Director, Tony Ross, JWYC Director, & Denise Johnson, Children & Youth Services Deputy Director

In partnership with Casey Family Programs and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, the Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children launched the Porchlight Project to lead in public policy reforms that ensure all children grow up in families where their needs for safety, permanency, and well-being are met. The Porchlight Project issued its first annual “State of Child Welfare” in 2009 on how well Pennsylvania’s child welfare system is performing in meeting the needs of children and families impacted by the system. This year’s report compares data over a 5-year period and indicates that Pennsylvania has experienced positive outcomes in the past five years in its continuous efforts to improve their child welfare system by implementing family-focused child welfare strategies. It is the goal of the project to increase positive outcomes and to significantly reduce the need for foster care placement. read more…

Groundbreaking Work Done by CYF Director Mark Cherna Reflects Well on All Social Service Constituents

Since Mark Cherna was appointed Director of Allegheny County Children Youth and Families in 1996, he has been a reformer on a mission to improve the human service system. Building trust by engaging clients and constituents within Allegheny County, Mr. Cherna has worked to ensure the ethical, unbiased treatment of the children and families CYF serves. He has been pivotal in many initiatives including working with foundations to consolidate administrative functions into one building, constructing a combined data management system that includes several hundred million records from multiple sources; and his most recent contribution, a groundbreaking risk-modeling tool featured exclusively in Allegheny County, helps child-welfare intake workers make better decisions that prevent families from being subjected to unnecessary investigations and allow caseworkers to spend valuable time helping families in need. As one of the most celebrated and longest-serving directors of welfare departments in the country, Mr. Cherna has helped Allegheny County Children Youth and Families become a leader in DHS services throughout the nation. Kudos to Mr. Cherna!

JusticeWorks YouthCare is proud to partner with Mr. Cherna and his Allegheny County team in our shared mission to build better futures for children, families, and the community.

The full editorial can be found online here.

Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board: Newsletter featuring JWYC Independent Living Updates

A partnership between the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators Organization, and the University of Pittsburgh’s Child Resource Center has resulted in the development of the Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board (YAB). This unique board is comprised of current and former substitute care youth ages 16-21 with a mission to educate, advocate, and form partnerships to create positive change in the substitute care system. Youth leaders work with child-serving agencies and communities, of which JusticeWorks YouthCare has had the pleasure to participate in, to make the world a better place!

After an extended period of hard work and dedication from the University of Pittsburgh’s Child Resource Center, Independent Living Coordinators, YAB members, and countless other individuals, the YAB quarterly newsletter (YAB Blast Winter Edition 2018) is finally complete! Thank you to Lisa Snyder and the JWYC Indiana County Independent Living team, Lindsey Jones, Russel Lambing Jr., and Justin Smyers, for their participation and dedication on this project. Please click here to view the YAB Winter Edition. Stay tuned for the YAB Blast Spring Edition 2018!

I am always proud of our IL team; but this is really great!! -Thanks, Sarah

Sarah P. Ross, Esq.
Indiana County Children & Youth Services

Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board Photo 1

Left to Right- Leila, Phyllis, and Jessyca passing out hot chocolate and spreading the word of how folks in Indiana County can get involved with our IL program.


Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board Photo 2

Bottom Row, Left to Right- Jessyca, Phyllis, and Kendra. Top Row, Left to Right- Meghan, Leila, Tyler, and Teddy. Youth pose with the check presented to the Children’s Advisory Commission of Indiana County from the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. The CFA donation will be used to support the CAC’s family events: Family Fun Fest, Bump, baby, and Beyond, Family Nature Palooza, and Day of Play. YAB members are an integral part of the volunteer base that helps with these events.


Pennsylvania Youth Advisory Board Photo 3

Left to Right- Lailonie, Tyler, Jessyca, Isabella, and Phyllis. Youth pose with their certificates they earned for volunteering at Indiana County’s Day of Play Event.

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