Independent Living

The goal of JusticeWork’s Independent Living (IL) Program is to prepare youth for the realities of self- sufficiency by complimenting their own efforts and assuring that participants in the IL program recognize and accept their personal responsibility for preparing for and making the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The intent of the Independent Living Program is to focus on assessing, supervising, supporting and assisting youth in the development of skills that allow for the greater likelihood of future autonomy. The IL program considers the varying developmental skills, permanency goals, and living arrangements of the participants and makes accommodations accordingly. Individual needs and goals are determined and addressed from the point of referral to the final stages of aftercare services (including the development of transitional living plans). A Life Skills Assessment tool is utilized at least every six months to determine the youth’s skill level in various IL sub-categories and to measure improvement in these areas. A continuum of service is deduced from this needs assessment and services are planned accordingly.

Those targeted life skills areas which the IL program addresses and implements include the following IL sub-categories:

  • Life Skills
  • Prevention
  • Education/Training
  • Employment
  • Support services
  • Housing