Family Group Decision Making (FGDM)

Serving: Adult Probation Departments, Aging & Adult Services, Children and Youth Services, and Juvenile Probation Departments.

JusticeWorks YouthCare was first certified in FGDM in 2009 and provides that important service in many counties as a critical resource for families beset with a particular challenge.

The purpose of FGDM is to establish a process for families to join with relatives, friends and other identified supports to develop a culturally sensitive plan ensuring that youth are cared for and protected from future harm.  The referred family has the opportunity to create their own solution to critical concerns.

JusticeWorks is certified in this service and provides coordination and facilitation for this practice.

Core Values:

  • Individuals and families have strengths
  • People and systems can change
  • A collaborative team approach works best
  • Every individual and family is unique, diverse and should be respected
  • The goal is safety, permanency and well- being for all children and families
  • Movement will be towards empowerment not control
  • Strengths are enhanced when families are acknowledged and encouraged
  • Options are better than advice
  • FGDM is voluntary
  • Families identify who participates in the conference
  • Everyone has some level of accountability in the FGDM process
  • Resources include natural supports, as well as formal and informal supports