JusticeWorks has taken seriously its responsibility to be an accountable and high quality provider. We have consistently made the effort to evaluate the outcomes of our work to guide the evolution of our programs. While we are proud of the outstanding results we’ve achieved, we never stop trying to improve our programs. Click the bulleted items below to download to view statistics & literature in PDF format regarding the outcomes of our programs.


Stakeholder Accountability Report (StAR)

The Stakeholder Accountability Report (StAR) is JWYC’s way of reporting an overview of services provided within an outcome review period. The services reflected in this report include Violation Initiative Program (VIP®), Short-Term Therapeutic Outreach to Prevent Placement (STOPP®), and JustCare®. The previous Outcome Report Card has been replaced by StAR in order to reflect a snapshot of key outcomes such as out-of-home placements, key feedback from stakeholders, quotes from stakeholders, and service delivery percentages. JWYC’s Full Outcome Reports are available as a more comprehensive look at the services during the respective review period.

To find each individual county’s StAR or Full Outcome Reports, please contact the respective JusticeWorks county office, or Dipesh Chauhan at Dchauhan@justiceworksyouthcare.com.

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All County Reports



Report Cards