JusticeWorks TX is a Medicaid Provider in the state of Texas & qualified to offer Evaluations and Assessments for The Department of Family Protective Services (Region 8).


Welcome to JusticeWorks TX!

Now hiring in all DFPS region 8 counties!

Recently we started a sister company to serve the State of Texas: JusticeWorks TX! JusticeWorks was founded in 1999 with a mission to provide value added services which fill in the gaps in service delivery systems to troubled youth and families. Our goal is to build better futures for youth, families, and communities and our operating strategy is to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals.

In the past several months we have been talking with The Department of Family Protective Services and Texas Juvenile Justice Department officials throughout Texas.  We have been encouraged by the warm reception and enthusiasm expressed for JusticeWorks’ innovative and outcomes proven services. We underwent the process to become a Qualified Medicaid Provider.  We also responded to Open Enrollments in DFPS Region 8 and were honored to be chosen as a provider.

We are committed to being a value added provider in Texas, working in partnership with the public systems and achieving positive outcomes for youth and families.

JusticeWorks TX is a Qualified Medicaid Provider in the State of Texas. JusticeWorks TX is in the process of becoming a credentialed provider for multiple managed care organizations, including Centpatico. JusticeWorks TX is qualified to provide Assessments and Evaluations for the Department of Family Protective Services in Region 8. Our flagship county will be Bexar County (Region 8). JusticeWorks TX will begin operations in San Antonio, TX, and will expand out to the entire Region 8 community. After we’ve become established in Region 8, we plan to develop services across the State.

We will offer a full range of behavioral health services to children and families working with The Department of Family Protective Services, Texas Juvenile Justice Department, Community Supervision and Correction Departments, local county schools and other mental health agencies. Our specialty will be to provide In-home services!

Services will include:

  • Diagnostic Assessments and Evaluations
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Family Education Groups
  • Specialized Programming (i.e. Anger Management)

Justice Works TX Areas of Specialty:

  • Marriage and Family Therapies
  • Child and Adolescent Therapies
  • Art and Play Therapies
  • Behavioral Interventions
  • Grief Counseling
  • Family Violence Prevention Services
  • Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD
  • Treatment for Victims of sexual/physical/emotional abuse
  • Chemical Dependency Counseling (substance abuse services for individuals and groups)
  • Serve individuals with Chronic Mental Illness and co-occurring disorders
  • Serve individuals involved with the Criminal Justice System
  • Serve individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (use of Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • Skills Training (age appropriate curriculum available to individuals, families, and groups):
    • Stress Management
    • Anger Management
    • Life Skills
    • Social Skills
    • Parenting Skills
    • Relationship Skills
  • Individualized programming and services available upon need and request

For further information on JusticeWorks TX or to make a referral, please call (210) 538-5839

*For referrals only: