JWYC Adams County: Baby On Board!

In partnership with Adams County Children, Youth and Families Department, our JusticeWorks Adams County team hosted a Child Car seat training on November 28th 2017, providing installation information coupled with a demonstration session.


Baby On Board

Finding the proper care seat for your child can be a challenge. There are multiple styles, safety harness apparatus’s, and lengthy regulations. Like any other tool, if not used properly, it can be ineffective in protecting your child in a case of an accident.

Baby On Board

JusticeWorks employees, Ellen Miller, FGDM Coordinator, and Sean Lazarus, Program Director, conducted the presentation. Ellen Miller, is a certified car seat technician and provides car seat trainings. She also does community events on her own time.

Ellen Miller & Sean Lazarus

Our Adams County team reviewed current laws and provided local Agency policy on car seat safety. Ellen demonstrated proper technique for various kinds of car seats utilizing the county’s van. Participants in the training were provided with the opportunity to practice installing the various car seats into the vehicle. This was extremely informative in determining what type of car seat works best in certain vehicles. Staff mentioned that it helped them better determine future logistics for safely transporting youth.

CYF and JusticeWorks both agree that this presentation will be implemented in the yearly training program for all new staff.

Great job Ellen!

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