JusticeWorks FRS Linda Coleman Receives Praise!

Email from a Carbon County CYS Caseworker:


This email is in reference to the Davis* Family and the Family Group Decision Making Conference that was held in July. This FGDM was so successful and I cannot thank Linda Coleman enough for all that she has done for this family. Linda went above and beyond and worked very hard to help these people. I was pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with her again in the future.

It took a while to get a FGDM conference to happen. Mrs. Davis* was apprehensive, and her daughter, Krista* was afraid of both parents.

After some time, Linda was able to get this conference set. Linda was able to build such rapport with Mrs. Davis* that she totally changed her attitude. Mrs. Davis* accepted responsibility for her actions, opened her eyes to a lot of issues that her and Krista* had and began allowing Linda and the county agency to help this family. Krista* was another challenge. Krista* did not want to return home and did not want to work with Linda or the county agency. Through a lot of persistence, Linda was able to find common ground with Krista*, and she finally accepted that a FGDM conference was necessary. Linda got Dad on board, and the whole FGDM came to be.

This family would yell, cry, and storm out of rooms. Linda was able to handle all of the challenges and keep the process moving forward, never backward. Linda was able to connect with this family. She was very professional and smart about everything. I am grateful to the FGDM that we had, we are now in the process of moving Krista* back home from foster care.

Thank you again,
Tara Skrimcovsky
Carbon County Caseworker

Thank you, Linda, for your expertise and professionalism in providing FGDM to this family in need. Your persistence and patience led this conference to a successful outcome.

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