Enhancing Transition Plans with the use of Family Group Decision Making!

Left to right: Colleen Cox, Amy Carr, and Jaclyn Conklin

Left to right: Colleen Cox, Amy Carr, and Jaclyn Conklin

On June 29, 2017, Amy Carr from Monroe County JusticeWorks, and Jaclyn Conklin, Director of Chester County JusticeWorks, partnered with Colleen Cox, Representative from the PA Child Welfare Resource Center, in conducting an informative and highly engaging presentation at this year’s State Wide Adoption Network (SWAN) conference. They were chosen to speak on the topic of ‘Using Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) to Enhance Youth Transition Plans.’ Amy, Jackie, and Colleen are very passionate about FGDM and how the FGDM philosophy assists in a youth’s successful transition out of the foster care system and back to the community.

Post-conference evaluations were distributed to the attendees and returned with favorable feedback. Most participants felt that FGDM was not utilized as often as it needs to be, as one conference attendee stated: “I like this concept; however, we need to use this more often with older youth and we are not.” Their goal was for the presentation to inspire the use of FGDM for youth in transition as a standard practice!

Thank you Amy, Jackie, and Colleen for sharing your knowledge and experience to the SWAN community. Your contribution will surely impact the youth that SWAN supports in finding their forever homes.

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